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Mark, 36 years of age, is directed to counselling by his doctor after Mark decides he wants to transition from male to female, undergo sex reassignment surgery, and change his name to Sonia. Mark reports he has suffered for a long time trying to live as a man when he in fact feels like a woman. Mark is currently experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress and anger about the way he has been treated by his family and certain friends because of his gender identity. He has started drinking alcohol on daily basis as a way to numb his emotions and fall ... Read More

Your wellbeing can benefit from being more creative. How many different ways can you use a brick? What would happen if dogs could talk? What will our homes and workplaces look like 100 years from now? When you read the questions above, what is your reaction? Do you shrug and start to click away from this page? Get irritated? Or possibly, get curious and start to imagine some possibilities? Your response might give you a clue to how you are presently engaging with your innate creativity and that, we are told, could have a lot to do with your levels of wellbeing. Creativity: What is ... Read More

Not feeling like you're living it up to your full potential? Below are some essential tips to get out of your rut and towards renewal. Cycles of life Northern hemisphere plants burst forth with new green shoots while south of the equator we prepare for winter’s dying-off as trees drop leaves and animals hibernate. Both seasons are part of the infinite cycle of birth, growth, and death through which all things on earth pass. Human beings, too, participate in cycles, undergoing a continual process of replacing most cell-types in our bodies. Yet while most of nature – including our physical body – cooperates ... Read More

When discussing happiness, one attitude/belief that deserves special mention is the art of accepting ourselves on an “as is, where is” basis. For us to be peacefully in relationship with our own humanness – our own combination of strengths, growing edges and unique quirks – means to have less stress from the source of our own critical voice. You know the voice: the one that yells at us that we are not _____ (fill in the blank: “slender”, “clever”, “good at business”, etc), or that we have not achieved enough. The more we can truly live from a genuine ... Read More

We've previously published an article with information and resources to help you understand the differences between the DSM-IV and its latest version, the DSM 5. In this post, we turn our focus to DSM-5-relevant instruments to assess clients. With the advent of the DSM-5 in 2013, clinicians wondered if instruments formulated on the basis of the DSM-IV and current in the DSM-IV years would be valid and reliable measures now with the DSM-5 description of personality disorders. A comprehensive review of all measures used to assess personality disorders was undertaken by Furnham, Milner, Akhtar, and DeFruyt (2014). They begin the review ... Read More

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