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November 16th is “International Day for Tolerance”, for which U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared: "I call on all people and governments to actively combat fear, hatred and extremism with dialogue, understanding and mutual respect. Let us advance against the forces of division and unite for our shared future." November 21-29 is “Social Inclusion Week”, which aims to ensure all Australians feel included and valued, with opportunities to participate fully in society. It connects local communities, workmates, family, and friends in order to build and strengthen relationships and networks, addressing isolation and exclusion by supporting people who may be unable to help ... Read More

You miss out on that plum position you wanted. You lose the court case. Your best mate announces a move to another state. Life is rife with disappointments. Many of them are out of our control, so if we want to be happy, the only option is to learn how to deal with them. What is disappointment, and is it good for us? Let’s define disappointment as the gap between our expectations and the outcome which resulted: the larger the gap, the stronger the disappointment. When things don’t work out as we hoped, the unfulfilled desires fester, filling us with negative thoughts ... Read More

You hear the MC describing your achievements as you wait to speak. You feel sick, but it’s not just pre-performance jitters; you “know” that you do not deserve the praise you are receiving. “This is it,” you think. “Now they will find out that I am a fraud, that I don’t really know anything.” Sound familiar? If your answer is “yes”, you are in good company. The “Imposter Syndrome” - the chronic sense that we are a fake about to be exposed - occurs to 70 percent of us, including such non-controversially acclaimed talents as actresses Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, and ... Read More

“Your meals are disgusting!” she shouted. A look of deep hurt flashed across his face before anger kicked in. “You don’t need to be cooked for anyway,” he retorted. “Your bottom’s gone way beyond cute!” Does anything familiar echo here? What about in the following exchange? “Darling,” he said, repeating his familiar compliment, “You’re beautiful.” The mirror reflected dark bags under her eyes from sleep deprivation, a face pale from stress, and a head of dirty hair. Beautiful? They both knew that this was far from her most beautiful moment. Why did he tell her this when it was so obviously false ... Read More

Q. I am a non-Indigenous practitioner counselling Indigenous clients. Can I really do this effectively and what is the best way for a non-Indigenous therapist to counsel Indigenous clients? A. Many non-Indigenous practitioners "genuinely struggle" when working with Aboriginal people. They may lack the degree of cultural competence necessary to effectively counsel Indigenous clients (i.e. issues of cultural competence may not be clearly defined) or they may be unsure how cultural issues may be applied in a therapeutic context. There are some things that a non-Indigenous person can do, however, to be more culturally-aware in order to effectively counsel Indigenous clients: Focus ... Read More

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