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Kottler, Jeffrey, A., and Shepard, David, S. (2015). Introduction to Counseling: Voices from the Field. (8th ed). Stamford, USA: Cengage Learning.
Introduction to Counseling – Voices from the field (8th edition) by Jeffrey Kottler and David Shepard is an introductory textbook for students beginning the journey to becoming a professional counsellor. Now in its eight edition, it is evident that this text has cemented its place in the realms of counsellor training programs. The content is presented in an easy to follow format with a strong emphasis on personalising the learning experience. The authors highlight that the book was born out of ... Read More

Many people have suspected for a long time that we human beings are designed to be able to experience things happening for another person: in good times or in bad. So we see a stranger clumsily bump their head on a low-hanging branch at the park, and we flinch, too. We hear that a friend has gotten some good news about a medical diagnosis, and we are genuinely happier. Yet although we have suspected this – and even have words, such as empathy and clairsentience, to describe it – it was not until 1992 that science could demonstrate how it ... Read More

There are perhaps few human events which generate as many emotions and as intense a set of reactions as someone ending their own life. We can divide the reactions into two categories: those which tend to occur early in the grieving, and those which are ongoing. In this post we explore the early reactions of grief and mourning for the suicide-bereaved. Shock Suicide is a shocking event. Whatever assumptions the survivor holds about the world are suddenly shattered, and there is no defence against the horror of losing a loved one in this way. The suicide-bereaved in shock often feel shaky, numb, ... Read More

Every 40 seconds a person dies by suicide somewhere in the world. “Preventing suicide: a global imperative” is the first WHO report of its kind. It aims to increase awareness of the public health significance of suicide and suicide attempts, to make suicide prevention a higher priority on the global public health agenda, and to encourage and support countries to develop or strengthen comprehensive suicide prevention strategies in a multisectoral public health approach. The report provides a global knowledge base on suicide and suicide attempts as well as actionable steps for countries based on their current resources and context ... Read More

Graduate Story – Angelie Miaco

Studying at AIPC was definitely a choice in life that I will never forget or regret. The lecturers and teachers modelled exceptional care, excessive knowledge, as well as being so supportive in all areas of learning. It was excellent to see that they were not only there to teach, but they understood the significance of being patient with their students and helping them through the criteria of the work required. The studying options were so convenient and worked around the lifestyle I was in, where I was able to receive my Diploma of Counselling successfully. Within my experience, AIPC provide ... Read More

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