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If a suicide-bereaved person does end up in your therapy rooms, what are the counselling tasks that will need to be worked through with them? Below we look at Worden’s (2005, in AIPC, 2010) general guidelines, which contribute to the effectiveness of grief counselling whatever the circumstances of grief and loss have been. 1. Help the bereaved accept the reality of the loss We have repeatedly described the shock and denial of the death that occur, even in healthy individuals, following on from a loved one’s death. Obviously, clients need to identify with the death before they can begin the arduous journey ... Read More

Our 2015 Semester 1 intake is now open for: Bachelor of Counselling Master of Counselling Bachelor of Psychological Science 4th year Graduate Diploma of Psychology 4th year Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) Places are strictly limited in all courses, so please express your interest early. The programs are all government Fee-Help approved, so you can learn now and pay later. Some unique features of the programs include: Study externally from anywhere in Australia, even overseas Residential Schools in Melbourne*, Sydney* and Brisbane Save up to $35,800 on your qualification Save thousands on your qualification Receive up to 6-months credit for prior Counselling studies Start with just 1 subject Online learning portal with ... Read More

For most of the two percent of Australians affected by panic disorder, the onset was during their teens or early twenties. It is twice as common in women as men. Not everyone who has panic attacks will develop panic disorder, as some people will have just one attack and never have a recurrence. The tendency to incur panic attacks appears to be inherited (The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, 2009). The symptoms, stated below, can be very disabling, and sufferers of attacks are advised to seek help as soon as possible after an attack, or the recurrence of ... Read More

Kaya and Mark have been in a relationship for a little over a year now and are attending couples counselling. Halfway through the session, the therapist asks for more information about the fights they are having. Kaya reports that Mark recently pushed her into a wall, and that he sometimes viciously pulls things like her phone, the TV remote amongst others out of her hand. Mark admits to this, and responds by accusing Kaya of pushing him once, which Kaya says was in self-defence. When Kaya first met Mark he was extremely charming and always kind to her, if at ... Read More

In CBT, verbal techniques are used to bring forth the client’s automatic thoughts, analyse the logic behind the thoughts, identify unhelpful assumptions, and examine the validity of the assumptions. Assumptions, once identified, are open to modification, which can occur by asking the client if the assumption seems reasonable, by having the client generate reasons for and against maintaining the assumption, and by presenting evidence contrary to the assumptions. Specific cognitive techniques include the following: Decatastrophising: the “what-if” technique which helps clients prepare for feared consequences. This is helpful in decreasing avoidance. Reattribution: a technique which tests automatic thoughts and assumptions by considering ... Read More

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