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Graduate Story – Angelie Miaco

Studying at AIPC was definitely a choice in life that I will never forget or regret. The lecturers and teachers modelled exceptional care, excessive knowledge, as well as being so supportive in all areas of learning. It was excellent to see that they were not only there to teach, but they understood the significance of being patient with their students and helping them through the criteria of the work required. The studying options were so convenient and worked around the lifestyle I was in, where I was able to receive my Diploma of Counselling successfully. Within my experience, AIPC provide ... Read More

In this video, Philip Armstrong (Clinical Director of the Clinical Counselling Centre and CEO of the Australian Counselling Association) and Catherine Dodemont (Registered Supervisor and Level 4 Member of the Australian Counselling Association) demonstrate (through a role-play) a counselling supervision session. Topics explored include counsellor self-care, professional development, confidentiality issues, practice management and marketing, and much more. The video was produced by Mental Health Academy, Australia’s largest provider of continuing professional development (CPD) for mental health professionals. Source:

If you have a friend, family member, or other acquaintance struggling with bereavement of suicide, how can you best offer support? What attitudes, translated into caring actions, can best facilitate the bereaved person’s coping in the immediate and short term, and their healing in the longer term? Because of the remaining societal stigma and also the lack of knowledge about how to be with the suicide-bereaved in a sensitive way, many friends and even family members simply avoid the situation – including the bereaved person – altogether. So how can you help? What is your best role as support person? ... Read More

Johnson, Rick. (2013). Spirituality in counseling and psychotherapy: An integrative approach that empowers clients. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
Spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy offers a practical exploration of the understanding and integration of spirituality in contemporary counselling. It is a practical text guiding the reader through an awareness of self and the role of spirituality in counselling theories. The author, Rick Johnson is the Department chair of counsellor education at the Portland State University with a scholarly interest in the effect of family experience on psychosocial development in adolescence and adulthood, and the integration of psychological and spiritual health. Whilst ... Read More

A counsellor has been working with a client over a period of 9 months assisting with inner child therapy work. During the period, the client also talks about her relationship issues, sexuality as well as a relationship with another person. The counsellor, who also happens to be in a same sex relationship and going through her own separation issues, advises the client she will help counsel her through separating from her husband if the client decides she is lesbian. When the counsellor discovers the ‘other person’ the client is seeing is a male, the counsellor immediately advises the client to ... Read More

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