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Dr Jeremy Dean, a psychologist and author of PsyBlog, recently wrote a blog post exploring a new technique that holds promise for those experiencing disturbing emotional flashbacks. The post offers insightful ideas - particularly for those working with trauma and grief. Here's an abstract:

A better way to deal with recurring negative memories is to focus on the context and not the emotion, according to a new study published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (Denkova et al., 2014). For example, if you were thinking about a funeral you attended, you might focus on what you were wearing or who
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In the first video of this two-part series (Principles of Psychological First Aid), Richard Hill looked at the five principles that are the basis for all Psychological First Aid: that is, promoting safety, calmness, self-efficacy, connectedness, and hope. In this talk, Richard will be putting you into the field: that is, the explorations will take you through the traumatising journey of a family whose members escape a horrific bushfire with their lives and not much else. As the psychological first aider who engages with them, you will get to see on a very personal level how the eight core ... Read More

Psychological First Aid is a means of providing psychosocial support to individuals and families immediately after a disaster, terrorist or traumatic event, or other emergency. It consists of a set of helping actions which are systematically undertaken in order to reduce initial post-trauma distress and to support short- and long-term adaptive functioning. Based on the principle of "do no harm", it is provided increasingly by members of the general population, although mental health professionals are almost always involved as well. In this video, Richard Hill defines Psychological First Aid (or PFA), identifying its characteristics, and explaining why our modern world demands ... Read More

VIDEO: Transference and Projection

The phenomena of transference and projection, although solidly accepted in the analytical and psychodynamic schools of psychology in which they originated, are nevertheless complex and often misunderstood concepts. Yet some claim that projection is the single most important phenomenon in psychotherapy. In this video, Richard Hill helps you understand what transference and projection are, how they develop in a therapeutic relationship, and what forms they tend to take, so that you can recognise them as they occur in your therapy rooms and in your life. Source:

VIDEO: Romancing Our Shadow

Shadow, the hidden component of our character which we have consigned to the dark recesses of our psyche, comes out inexplicably and horribly at times, embarrassing us, surprising us, and - if we are attuned to it - offering us the possibility of deeper insights into our true selves. And just as it does this with us - mental health practitioners whose stock-in-trade is self-awareness - you can bet your bottom dollar that so, too, does it affect our clients, who may have only a glimmering of insight into what they are dealing with. In this video, Richard Hill helps you to ... Read More

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