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We would like to introduce you to two people; in fact, more than introduce you. For the next several minutes, we would like you to become these people. The first is a chronic pain patient, and the second is the family member caring for that patient. The patient We’ll call you Chris. You are of working age and are one out of the every three Australians who live with chronic pain. Yours started years ago at your job at the mail order delivery company. Rushing to get heavy merchandise indoors as a huge rainstorm approached, you lifted and twisted, herniating three discs in your ... Read More

Haim, Jenetta. (2014). Stress-free health management: A natural solution for your health. Bloomington, IN: Balboa Press.
When faced with reviewing books relating to stress management and natural therapies there can be some degree of scepticism involved as many texts tend to tout the adage that their way is the only way to health and well-being. Stress-free health management: A natural solution to your health by Jenetta Haim does not fit this mould. Jenetta Haim is a natural therapist with more than thirty years of experience in naturopathic nutrition, hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki healing, stress management, meditation, and other natural modalities. She resides in ... Read More

Given that an estimated 60 percent of persons who have intellectual disability also experience severe communication deficits (AIHW, 2008), the literature on counselling this client group consistently refers to the importance of using “creative approaches” (WWILD, 2012, p 60) which allow the client to respond in both verbal and nonverbal ways. Thus, in addition to “talk therapy”, practitioners should consider employing drawing, music, puppetry, drama, and psychodrama. In this post, we review the use of positive interactive-behaviour therapy. How the therapy works This newer format for therapy comes highly recommended as a form of group therapy, especially for the over-half (57 percent) ... Read More

Dr Krissy Wilson, Anomalistic Psychologist and lecturer, explains society’s enduring relationship with belief in the paranormal. Belief in the weird and wonderful is a consistent and significant component of the human condition. The tendency to believe in psychic powers and related phenomena that contradict known scientific laws and principles is not only a common feature found in all cultures across the world, but has been a factor in human existence throughout history. There is evidence that widespread beliefs in psychic powers, crop circles, water diving and assorted paranormal beliefs are as popular as ever, indeed, recent opinion polls tend to suggest ... Read More

Your phone rings. You grab it to answer but as the caller’s number flashes on the screen, you hesitate. It is someone you’re not sure you want to continue being friends with. Maybe the person has broken promises to you, cancelling get-togethers at the last minute, or perhaps – as entertaining as they can be – this person only seems to care about themselves. Or maybe you met the person when you were in a bad place, needing someone to lean on? Now that your life is back on track, you notice the person continues to play therapist, critic, and ... Read More

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