Tanya is an 18 year old girl who works part time in a shoe store to pay her way through university. The manager is Brad a 29 year old, fit looking man who is a real go-getter can-do sort of personality. Tanya is by contrast quite shy and very well mannered.

Tanya asked Brad one day if she would be able to work a couple of extra shifts a week as she wanted to go on a holiday in summer. Brad looked at Tanya, put his hand over her breast and with a smirk on his face said ‘Well, what do I get if I give you the shifts?

Tanya was shocked and very scared. She knew Brad always felt that Brad was a bit creepy, but now she was scared. Tanya shrugged his hand off her breast and told him to forget it and went back to her work for which Brad said under his breath but so she could hear ‘teaser’.

Tanya cried all that day and rang her mother and told her what had happened. Her mother was angry and said she would ring this and tell him off. Her mum also said that this was sexual assault, but Tanya said ‘no, no, no don’t say that mum just leave it it’s not worth carrying on like that.’

Tanya decided then and there however that she couldn’t face going back to work alone with Brad again. Tanya rang Brad and told him that she was resigning and hoped never to have to see him again. Brad replied ‘yeah, whatever’ and hung up.

What can we make of Tanya’s story?