The Australian bushfire crisis has impacted millions, putting individuals, families and entire communities at higher risk of trauma and psychological/emotional distress.

In response, many mental health professionals across the country are putting their hands up to assist those impacted by the disaster.

To support their efforts, Mental Health Academy created a collection of freely accessible educational resources focusing on disaster mental health topics, including:

  • Psychological First Aid
  • Understanding the Traumatic Effects of Disasters
  • Suicide Prevention with Disaster- and Trauma-affected Clients
  • Working with Traumatised Clients and,
  • Early Intervention for Children Who Experience Trauma.

These resources are entirely free and available here:

We hope this collection will reach as many mental health professionals as possible and assist in their endeavours to provide to our struggling communities. So, we encourage you to share the link with your peers — and encourage them to do the same.  

If you are currently involved in helping those affected by the bushfire crisis, we would like to express our gratitude for the much-needed support you are providing. Thank you.

Further resources

Below are some useful links to leading Australian organisations providing additional resources and services related to the current bushfire crisis: