Kaya and Mark have been in a relationship for a little over a year now and are attending couples counselling. Halfway through the session, the therapist asks for more information about the fights they are having. Kaya reports that Mark recently pushed her into a wall, and that he sometimes viciously pulls things like her phone, the TV remote amongst others out of her hand. Mark admits to this, and responds by accusing Kaya of pushing him once, which Kaya says was in self-defence. When Kaya first met Mark he was extremely charming and always kind to her, if at times a little possessive and jealous (which at the time she found flattering). Now he seems to have become this whole other person. Kaya tried to leave him at one point, however he followed her to her friend’s house and nearly broke down the door demanding she come home, which she did. Kaya wants to leave but hasn’t, as Mark threatens to kill himself when she has attempted to leave.

As the therapist in this scenario, what would you do?