There are many ways you can regularly interact with our team and thousands of your peers – plus enjoy ongoing access to the industry news, articles, videos and numerous educational resources. Below is an overview of our open-access social media resources, and how you can join them.

Counselling Connection [this blog!]

  • What is it? AIPC’s official blog since 2007, Counselling Connection hosts hundreds of posts – or short articles – tackling a huge range of topic areas. The blog receives over 500 visitors daily, making it a great place to interact with other liked-minded individuals.
  • What is it for? Read through hundreds of posts, and interact by writing your own thoughts. Your comments can be viewed by other readers, and anyone can join the conversation.
  • How do I connect? You can easily subscribe to Counselling Connection’s free email notification service to receive an email reminder every time a new post is published. To subscribe now, go to

AIPC on Facebook –

  • What is it? AIPC’s official Facebook Page is updated daily, and provides an ongoing flow of information, including links to articles, videos, industry news, events, and much more. And of course, you can constantly interact by liking and sharing posts, writing comments, and getting in touch with over 12,000 [July 2016] like-minded people who currently follow the page.
  • What is it for? If you are one of the 1 billion people that use Facebook for networking and learning on a regular basis, and you are interested in counselling, psychology and mental health, then following the AIPC Facebook page is a must. It is also a great way to promote mental health awareness by sharing relevant posts to friends and colleagues.
  • Best ways to connect? Just go to the page and click the ‘Like’ button under the banner to view AIPC’s updates on your Facebook feed. Interact by commenting on posts, or sharing resources you find useful. And spread the love: invite your friends to join too.

AIPC on YouTube –

  • What is it? AIPC’s on-demand, online video channel filled with informative videos. You can watch student and graduate interviews, lectures on a range of psychology and counselling topics, role play therapy videos, and much more.
  • What is it for? A great resource to complement your usual text-based learning, and interact with peers at the same time. The YouTube Channel allows you to rate and comment on any videos, and you can also easily share the content with friends and colleagues.
  • Best ways to connect? Go to the AIPC YouTube Channel and click the ‘Subscribe’ button located on the right-side, under the main banner. Note you’ll need a Google account to subscribe – if you do not have one, you’ll be able to create it (it’s free) in just a minute.
  • Fun fact: AIPC YouTube videos have been viewed more than 1 million times [July 2016].

AIPC on Twitter –

  • What is it? Twitter is social networking and microblogging service. AIPC’s Twitter profile is your daily source of counselling and psychology updates, compressed into individual news items – or tweets – comprising of 120 (or less) characters.
  • What is it for? Through AIPC’s Twitter, you can access fresh daily links to news, articles, research and resources. Via your Twitter dashboard you can read through dozens of news (tweets) and click through the ones that interest you for further reading. You can also follow other twitter profiles and use hashtags (#) to find tweets on topic areas of your interest. You can learn more on how to use Twitter here:
  • Best ways to connect? Go the AIPC Twitter profile and click the ‘Follow’ button. Note you’ll need a Twitter account to follow AIPC – if you do not have one, you’ll be able to create it (it’s free) in just a minute.