AIPC Graduate Julie Brodie shares her story…

“I had the privilege of graduating from AIPC Adelaide on the 16th November 2012 with a Diploma in Counselling, I was 47 years old at the finish line. My journey began back in 2007 – well actually it began long before that! You see, in 1995 I was involved in a workplace accident that put me in a wheelchair, and every day since has been a constant struggle with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, every couple of months I go into hospital for stronger pain relief. At the time of the accident, I had a 7yr old daughter & 4yr old son. Living in country SA, there was no support here for me or my family. Fast forward 9yrs, life had settled into a routine as a single mum, when my daughter, now 16, disclosed to her teacher that my partner had been sexually assaulting her, she had started self-harming and she tried to take her own life several times. Still there was no support for her or the family – I had to travel up to 450km per week to get her the counselling that she so desperately needed.

After a long struggle to get her stable (and I thank God every day that she is now a very well-adjusted young adult, married with a child & another on the way!). We saw a few psychologists & counsellors before finding one that she could connect with, but it was what changed our lives, still there was nothing to help the extended family, that being my son & myself, we just had to do what needed to be done on any given day, & get through somehow.

After things settled down, I decided to look into taking on counselling myself, so that other families had the help in our community when it was needed, but it also helped me to deal with some of my own issues. So after some research I spoke to Carol Moore at AIPC Adelaide and I enrolled soon after to study for a Diploma in Counselling.

It took me a bit longer than I would have liked, and it was certainly challenging at times as I would be on some pretty strong pain medicines, which not only made it difficult to read the page, I found myself struggling to stay focused, but I found the determination that got me started in the first place and got my second wind, once I became focused on getting to the finish line, I found it a lot easier and thoroughly enjoyed my study times, more importantly, I have grown so much within myself from doing this course, I am so much more confident, happier & stronger!

Now my focus is to have my own practice, I have my own website,, I work via Skype as well as face to face, and am looking forward to helping the people of the South East of SA & the wider community.

Thank-you AIPC, and thank-you Carol!”