AIPC Graduate Herb Koenitz shares his story…

“After 35 years in Corporate Life as a senior executive, I retired at age 55. After doing all the usual things such as travelling overseas and downsizing, I embarked on a period of study. I chose to do a Diploma course in Professional Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

Having been a General Manager of Human Resources, I felt it was an area that i would enjoy, and be comfortable with. This proved to be true. I enjoyed the Course and the interaction with the other students immensely. The course leaders were excellent and the quality of material that was provided was second to none. After Graduation, I set up a part-time private practice, with a business name of “Coffee Cup Counselling”.

I marketed the Business as a way of receiving the benefits of counselling in a relaxed environment over a cup of coffee. Through word of mouth I gained many clients who came to me as a result of their friends referrals. My clients’ feedback was always positive and they seemed to respond to my relaxed style. I have gained an enormous amount of satisfaction from helping many people from all walks of life and am so glad that I chose AIPC to provide me with the qualification I needed to perform in my role as a Professional Counsellor.”