AIPC Graduate Jane Johnson shares her story…

“Four years ago I sat in a holiday unit staring at a selection of tablets that I, with a solid background in healthcare, was certain would take away all pain, permanently. I remember staring at the telephone in the room for an hour. Even now I do not know why I called 13 11 14 and spoke to Lifeline. The conversation was a turning point for me.

In February 2008 I was offered a role managing Lifeline Top End; a questionable honour as, at the time, it had lost its staff and funding and all that remained was a Board that believed in the service and a few trained telephone counselling volunteers anxious to continue to use their skills. I took the job on the basis that in six months I would have the service up and running, or would give valid reasons why the service was unviable.

Within 6 weeks I knew that the service was not only viable, but able to expand into new areas given the right opportunities and leadership. That same year I undertook the Certificate IV in Telephone Counselling so as to fully understand the requirements on volunteers.

I discovered a hunger for learning that I quickly fed with the AIPC Counselling Diploma. Now I am studying the Degree, have 31 Telephone Counsellors, 25 Counselling students, and operate as the NT Assessor for AIPC Diploma Students. I have found my raison d’être and want to make Lifeline Top End a centre of excellence.”