AIPC Graduate Craig Dean shares his story…

“For some time I had considered studying counselling before the AIPC Diploma in Professional Counselling came to my notice. I had baulked at the thought of a study timetable that would not offer flexibility around work, family and friends.

In my field of work I have very busy periods that allow no time or head space for outside activities. Equally, there are easier periods where I do have time available for more leisure or external study. This course offered me a way to structure it to my needs. After viewing the course outline I decided that this was the best way for me to pursue counselling study.

When starting any new field of study, the language, concepts and theory can be challenging. I found the tutorials always clear and concise. They assisted with my motivation when my work commitments broke up the continuity of the study.

Practical sessions were again well directed and informative. Students involved were a most supportive group. Each was finding their own practical application for their studies.

The support and encouragement offered by Robert Carrigan and his team was extremely professional. Even when there was the occasional ‘Not Yet Competent’ on the top of the assignment, you always received clear assistance for work that needed further clarification or reworking.

I continue on the path to be a fulltime counsellor. This year I am involved as a voluntary counsellor and while I learn more as each day passes, I sense and value the course work I undertook with AIPC even more. It has made a difference for me and it is exciting that through this work I am, in a small way, making a difference for others.”