AIPC Graduate Genevieve Ballarin shares her story…

“At the end of January 2003 I began my journey with AIPC. Working full-time, I found the study packs a lot less onerous than I had anticipated and it was easy to pace myself. Each evening I was ‘staying in’ I started studying at a set time and finished at a set time. I found that if I didn’t set an end time as well that I would often get carried away into the night, which wasn’t appreciated by my work colleagues the next day (Zzzzz)! I was excited and challenged at the same time and thoroughly enjoyed each unit.

Of course there were tough times along the way (particularly after Unit 8 ) but when I calmed down and just approached the work in smaller pieces the answers amazingly flowed. If I got stuck on something and just couldn’t work out the question I was able to email or call the support team for help.

I have learned a lot about myself through this experience and a lot about other people. Judging others is destructive and not listening carefully to family and friends is thoughtless. I have stronger friendships now than I have ever had and I have learned the value of people in my life. I have also learned that in order for me to help others I must accept myself, warts and all, and love myself for who I am.

The best tips I could give anyone embarking on this course are to:

Read the questions very carefully, breaking them up into smaller phrases and taking in what that smaller phrase is saying before tackling the next phrase. It’s easy to jump to conclusions about what the question is asking and I got myself quite agitated, which just ended up frustrating my own efforts. There were no hidden meanings or trick questions or expectations to be some great philosopher! All I had to do was be ME, answer the questions honestly and refer to the text in front of me. It was as simple as that.

Take on board the feedback from the assessors to stay on track. Every time I had a Unit returned I went through the book and read the comments against the questions I could have answered better. This helped me to think a little more laterally and to see the bigger picture. Belinda, Beverley, Cynthia and Zahava had such valuable insight to offer along the way and they were more than willing to share it.

Never under-estimate your own abilities. I completed this course in 22 months! I didn’t think I would achieve that goal because as I got further along in my studies I started to doubt that I would be good enough or smart enough or diligent enough. But each time a Unit came back the comments lifted me up and my confidence had such a boost that I’d plough through the next book. I thrive on recognition and the Team catered very well!

Thank you AIPC for an enjoyable experience!”