You have been counselling a client in relation to her recent separation and divorce. The client and her husband are currently pursuing custody of their two small children through the courts. Your client is living with her children in their family home, whilst her ex-husband is staying with family friends. The house is going on the market in a few weeks and your client is packing up the family belongings.

In the process of packing, your client has stumbled across some pornographic magazines, left behind by her ex-husband. She is stunned to find a number of magazines containing explicit child pornography and mentions this to you in the course of a session. In addition, your client explains that her ex-husband is currently living with a family that has an 8-year-old daughter.

You have suggested that the client talk with her solicitor about this issue. The solicitor has recommended that she should wait and present the issue when the custody case is heard in court, as it will increase her chances of gaining full custody of the children. Your client is still uncertain of the action she should take in this situation and has appealed to you for some advice.

What would you advise your client to do in this dilemma? What would be your ethical obligation?