AIPC Graduate Philomena Bateman shares her story…

“Diana Ross said “You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.”

I finished the Diploma of Professional Counselling in 2005. The feeling of achievement I have as I look at my diploma perched in a special frame in a prominent space in my office far outweighs the anguish, worry and desperation I felt at times during study. My goal to be self employed in a phenomenal personal development business kept me motivated and focused. I created_ a vivid picture in my head of what that might look like and each morning I flicked through it like a slide show of a fabulous journey beyond my expectations.

This course was more than I ever expected, it was about learning theories, skills, strategies, but ultimately it was about me. I found it both challenging and rewarding as I discovered things about myself that I didn’t like but many things I did like. Overcoming yourself is better than overcoming a million enemies in battle. Buddha (568-488).

Doing the Diploma as a self paced course questioned and pushed my boundaries, my beliefs and my brain! Learning is my life, I look for learning in everything that happens within and outside me and to extend this interpretation to others has a profound effect on their lives. Counselling isn’t about fixing problems it is about getting permission to be in the world of another, honouring that space and allowing the other to find their way respectfully and ecologically. I don’t know of another career that allows me to stand in the presence of geniuses every day. I met great teachers during this course and continue to meet great teachers every day through clients and colleagues. I am grateful for what I have and what will come as a result of doing the diploma, it opened up choices and possibilities that I did not realize existed for me.

I have worked in schools and community groups as well as private enterprises but the greatest achievement (along with raising my children) has been for me to have the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and declare to the world that I am ready to contribute what I have so long deprived it of. I believe when we do our best we shine and we give others permission to shine also!

A teacher said to me the other day, “Your work is phenomenal, Philomena, it creates space for possibilities and choice.” Gee, I was honoured to get that compliment from someone who I deeply respect. Quietly I acknowledged myself for having achieving what I had set out to do. The journey isn’t over, each day is the beginning.

Today, let go of those thoughts that are not useful, write down exactly what you want from your study, focus, be committed but flexible, be gentle with yourself, be grateful for what you have and what you will have in the future and you will manifest your goal. Remember you are unique in the universe of abundance, have/do what is rightfully yours, you deserve that! I look forward to meeting you.

Continue the journey, make the decision, Unfold your dream, step into your vision, Be daring, be confident, take the wise breaks, Unique and capable; you’ve got what it takes.”