In this series of posts, we’ll explore the elements involved in a relationship breakdown, from its early stages to post-break contact. Hopefully this will be useful to the many couples who are faced with relationship challenges and suffer the emotional consequences derived from it.

Follow-Up Posts:

  1. Warning Signs
  2. Stages of a Relationship
  3. Relationship Healing
  4. Obstacles to Creating Relationship Healing
  5. Beliefs Needed to Establish Relationship Healing
  6. Counples, Intimacy and Sex
  7. Relationship Goals
  8. Learning From a Relationship Breakdown
  9. Choosing to End the Relationship
  10. Seven Tips for Dealing with a Relationship Breakup
  11. Relationship Breakdown and Continuing Friendship
  12. Children and Relationship Breakdown
  13. Recovering Gently From a Relationship Breakdown

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