In order to become a ‘blogger’, you firstly need to locate a blog hosting provider, which is as easy as doing an Internet search.? Commonly utilised sites are, or? Some have charges attached to their use, but most are free.? Once you join the provider you name your blog, add information about yourself such as favourite movies, books or interests and add any video, audio or pictures of your choosing.? Most blogs tend to be a mixture of text, links to other sites and pictures.

Each time you wish to update your blog, say add some information or make a comment, you do what is known as ‘making a post.’? This is done by clicking a button on the blogsite which brings up an area, (somewhat like an email) in which you are able to share your thoughts.? Anybody reading your blog is free to comment on anything you have written and the choice is generally there for them to do this anonymously. While the people that visit the blog are able to post or comment, only the blog owner or editor can initiate new subjects or frame discussion.