AIPC Graduate Christine Cresswell shares her story…

After working for many years in the computer industry I began to realise I have more to offer in the community than just sitting behind a computer keying in numbers. I started this incredible journey focusing on the use of Natural Therapies. At that time my daughter was suffering very badly from food allergies. With the use of the Natural Therapy concept of looking at what is causing the allergy, we were able to get the help we needed. This also helped her to understand that the allergy may have been caused by deeper issues and feelings that had been suppressed for many years.

This was the starting point for me. I was lead to an incredible modality called “Three In One Concepts”. This means the integration of body, mind and spirit with the focus being on the whole person. With the help of this modality I was able to start to clear my own blockages and follow my dream of being able to help other people.

Like so many of us, I was bought up believing I didn’t have the ability to be able to learn. Constantly being told over the years that I have Dyslexia, I started to develop a great deal of self doubt about my self and always felt ‘dumb’. Well that statement was proved to be wrong. Through my work with “Three In One Concepts” I came to the understanding that Dyslexia means having ‘blind spots in the brain’. When the blockages that are causing these spots are cleared, the stress is then taken off the brain allowing it to function in the normal way.

This has been a very successful adventure for me and I have certainly proved that I can learn anything that I put my mind to. Living in North America I was challenged with driving on the other side of the road, while at the same time dealing with a great deal of snow. Also I learnt to accept new cultures and decided to take on a degree in Holistic Child Counselling.

On returning to Australia and operating my own successful practice I decided that I had the ability to give my clients more. Although this is a wonderful technique I found the need to incorporate main stream counselling into the session, giving the client a well rounded and comprehensive approach to their issues. It was at this point I decided to take on another challenge by doing the Diploma of Professional Counselling. When I first looked at what I had to get through (all those units and seminars), I went straight into self doubt. My first thought was, will I ever be able to achieve this (after all I was told when I was growing up, I didn’t have the ability to achieve). Once again this statement has been proved wrong. By learning how to think more positively and change my self talk to, ‘I can do this’, I have now completed my Diploma as well as Majors in Child Development and Grief and Loss.

The moral of this story is that when we believe in who we are and trust in our own ability we can achieve what we want, enabling us to fulfill our dreams and follow our life purpose. I would like to thank the A.I.P.C., as it is through this course that the doors have opened wider, allowing me to grow professionally as well as in my personal life. Good luck to all those students out there. You can do it!