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In 2003 we created our first online newsletter, Institute Inbrief. It was a great way to keep in touch with our students, whilst providing articles, news, updates and other valuable information to anyone interested in the counselling industry. What started as a shy experiment became a priority task for our education team and since then we’ve been devoting time and energy to produce high quality content to our readership.

To celebrate the launch of our 50th edition with over 12,000 subscribers, we’ve decided to develop an eBook featuring the best articles published in this eZine since 2003. It?s a way to THANK YOU for the ongoing participation in the development of this project.?

We hope you enjoy the reading and we encourage you to forward this to your friends, colleagues, family or anyone you think may enjoy and benefit from it. If you have suggestions or comments, please write to

To download your copy of the Institute Inbrief eBook, simply click HERE.