In this post we debunk common myths about domestic violence.

1. Domestic violence is rare

Although statistics on domestic violence is not exact, it’s clear that millions of women, children and even men are abused physically by family members and other people close to them.

2. Domestic violence is only seen in lower socio-economic families

Police records, domestic violence services and studies have shown that domestic violence occurs in every socioeconomic group regardless of age, race, culture, or academic level.

3. Alcohol and drug abuse are the causes of domestic violence

Domestic violence and substance abuse are two different problems that should be treated separately. Alcohol and drugs have been linked to domestic violence because many perpetrators use these substances; however to name them as the cause for domestic violence is almost excusing the batterer for his behaviour.

4. Victims like being hit, otherwise they would leave

Most people respond to domestic violence with statements like “why doesn’t she just leave” without thinking of the economic and social realities facing the victim. Shelters are often full and sometimes family and friends are less than supportive. Making the decision to leave may even increase the chance of physical harm to the victim or the children.

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