AIPC Graduate Janet Maguire shares her story…

“For many years I have worked in various administration jobs, I had not undertaken any formal study since leaving school and I had a strong desire to work in the Human Services Area. I commenced my Diploma Course with AIPC in 2001. Initially I studied part-time, due to my level of commitments and transferred to full time study in 2002. Upon completion of this course I applied to QTAC and VTAC (Victoria) and subsequently I received offers for Social Science (Human Services) and Social Work.

In undertaking this course, I have developed independent learning strategies to self direct my studies. As I progressed through the course my level of self direction increased which enabled me to plan and coordinate activities relating to my studies and to balance work and family commitments efficiently. Another valuable component of self-paced learning was that my time management skills accelerated.

The competencies, knowledge and skills that I have gained throughout this course, I believe, will enable me to function successfully in a university environment. I found the Unit on Stress Management particularly informative and helpful for both clients (in my current volunteer work) and myself. The final unit provided an opportunity to learn about research and to undertake and evaluate a contemporary counselling issue by conducting a literature review, by debating and summarising my findings. This exercise will be a valuable tool for future assignment writing.

My Diploma qualification has enabled me to work as a Volunteer Counsellor in providing clients and significant others with support, assessment, options and referrals in a caring, empathetic, confidential and non-judgemental manner. This work has also provided me with and understanding and insight to many other agencies and organisations who offer professional delivery to people experiencing many difficulties and addictions.”