“I can’t cope anymore!”
“This is too much – I’ve had it!”

Is this what you are feeling right now? Comments such as these are common every day occurrences in our busy lives – and we call it STRESS. Not that long ago, the terms ‘worry’, ‘anxiety’, ‘fear’, ‘impatience’, and ‘anger’ gave way to what has been formally termed ‘stress’ and its offshoots, ‘stressful’, ‘stress-related’, and ‘stressed-out’. The popularity and acknowledgement of this concept became increasingly related to everyday life in our fast-paced society.

Future posts in this section will contain pertinent information about stress, including the relationship between stress and health. You will discover the varied types of stress and learn several tips and strategies on how to diminish the incidence of stress in your life.

Follow-Up Posts:

  1. Fundamentals of Stress
  2. Types of stress
  3. Stress in Stages
  4. How to Manage Stress
  5. Stress Prevention Strategies
  6. Handy Tools for a Better Life
  7. Stress at Work

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