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VIDEO: Enhancing Resilience

Have you ever wondered what it takes to survive, or even better, to thrive? Clearly, this might be a life-or-death skill! In this video, Richard Hill talks about how you can enhance resilience: in yourself, your friends and loved ones, or – if you are a mental health helper – in ... Read More

VIDEO: How does your will work?

Have you ever had a counselling or psychotherapy client who did not seem to show much, if any, sense of guiding and directing their own life? Or one who, despite apparent heroic efforts, was stuck in some significant way, unable to move forward? What about those fairly intact clients who ... Read More

VIDEO: Spot the Narcissist

In Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) individuals have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration - whether they have done anything to be admired for or not! A person with NPD is preoccupied with issues of power, personal adequacy, prestige, and vanity. Such a person ... Read More

VIDEO: A Brief Comparison of Psychologies

What is it about a counselling or psychotherapy process that makes people change? In other words: what are the mechanisms of therapy? What does the paradigm supporting a given school of psychology assume about the nature of human beings and therefore how they can change? What are the main concepts ... Read More

Coordinated by MHPN, this is the full recording, including all seven chapters in the webinar Working together, working better to support families dealing with parental mental illness. The webinar includes mental health professionals located around Australia involved in an interdisciplinary panel discussion. This webinar featured: Emeritus Professor Dorothy Scott, Dr Cate ... Read More

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