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Heartfelt Stories

  Counselling is recognised as one of the most personally and professionally rewarding careers. As a Counsellor you can experience personal victories every day. And it’s truly enriching. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping another person overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. Many of our Graduates mention the life changing effect ... Read More

Craig Dean

  For some time I had considered studying counselling before the AIPC Diploma in Professional Counselling came to my notice. I had baulked at the thought of a study timetable that would not offer flexibility around work, family and friends. In my field of work I have very ... Read More

"If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you got a problem.  Everything else is inconvenience”.  Robert Fulghum
Life is full of stumbling blocks, and you are constantly put to test as you progress through its stages. And on the face ... Read More

Genevieve Ballarin

  At the end of January 2003 I began my journey with AIPC. Working full-time, I found the study packs a lot less onerous than I had anticipated and it was easy to pace myself. Each evening I was ‘staying in’ I started ... Read More

Louise Gourley

The six million dollar question when you're doing this course (Diploma of Professional Counselling) is - will it lead to a paying job and how will I get one.   Actually, that's two questions, but you get the picture. I think just about every conversation I had with fellow ... Read More

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