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Approximately 25 years ago, my life took a turn which led me down a road of marriage breakdown, loss of family, and much heartache. It also took down a new road of growth and learning about me, and what life was really all about. My journey led me to an ... Read More

Four years ago I sat in a holiday unit staring at a selection of tablets that I, with a solid background in healthcare, was certain would take away all pain, permanently. I remember staring at the telephone in the room for an hour. Even now I do not know why ... Read More

Another inspiring story from an AIPC Graduate... My name is Jodi-Anne. I am a 2009 graduate of the AIPC Diploma of Professional Counselling. It took me a lot longer to complete the Diploma than normal as I stopped and started my study several times. I followed my intuition and read in ... Read More

Graduate Story – Angela Malone

Here's a very inspiring story from an AIPC Graduate... One of my childhood dreams was to become a counsellor. I was young when I started a family and did not work until my children were of school age. I found myself always helping people. I felt that I was obtaining copious ... Read More

Heartfelt Stories

  Counselling is recognised as one of the most personally and professionally rewarding careers. As a Counsellor you can experience personal victories every day. And it’s truly enriching. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping another person overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. Many of our Graduates mention the life changing effect ... Read More

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