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AIPC Office Closure Dates

Each of the Institute Student Support Centres will be closing for a short break over the Christmas and New Year period. Hopefully you will be able to a take a bit of a break too and put your studies aside for a little rest and relaxation over the ... Read More

MHSS: What’s in it for you?

Learn how you can become MHSS Certified here:
Why do you want to become a mental health social supporter? Are you caring for someone now? Is it a relative or friend? If you are supporting someone, why are you doing it: do you want to, or do you ... Read More

Our mental health system isn’t coping with the deteriorating mental health of our fellow Australians.

Mental illness is the third largest contributor to the total national health burden (13.2%), yet only receives a measly 6% of the health expenditure. And the majority of that expenditure is on clinical service ... Read More

Were you aware that: 45% of adult Australians will experience a mental illness. 1 in 5 will experience a mental disorder in any 12-month period. Mental illness is the leading cause of ‘healthy life’ lost. 3 million Australians will experience a major depressive illness. And our young are most at risk: An astounding 26% of 16-24 ... Read More

Mental Health Social Support (MHSS) is the empathy and care provided by an individual or network to a person with developing mental health concerns. MHSS involves crucial skills that everyone needs. The more people with MHSS skills, the more eyes and ears we have out in our communities able to ... Read More

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