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Dr Krissy Wilson, Anomalistic Psychologist and lecturer, explains society’s enduring relationship with belief in the paranormal. Belief in the weird and wonderful is a consistent and significant component of the human condition. The tendency to believe in psychic powers and related phenomena that contradict known scientific laws and principles is not ... Read More

Q. We have a fourteen year old daughter (Tammy) with Aspergers’ Syndrome. She has difficulty relating to her peers and is awkward in most social situations. She has narrow, often obsessive, interests in a particular thing or person. She wants to make friends and have a boyfriend like her peers, ... Read More

When discussing happiness, one attitude/belief that deserves special mention is the art of accepting ourselves on an “as is, where is” basis. For us to be peacefully in relationship with our own humanness – our own combination of strengths, growing edges and unique quirks – means to have less ... Read More

We've previously published an article with information and resources to help you understand the differences between the DSM-IV and its latest version, the DSM 5. In this post, we turn our focus to DSM-5-relevant instruments to assess clients. With the advent of the DSM-5 in 2013, clinicians wondered if instruments formulated ... Read More

Q. I am a parent in a blended family. We have three boys between us, ranging from 12 to 17 years. The boys are very active, noisy, do little work around the house, spend a lot of time on the computer and playing sport. I am very involved in their lives ... Read More

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