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The Psychology of Addiction

Almost all substance use affects the "reward mechanism" in the brain. The main chemical messenger involved in the brain's reward mechanism is dopamine. Each time the person uses a substance they will tend to feel ‘good’, which makes them want to use the substance again. Over time, changes in the

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According to Wikipedia, "Learning is a change in behavior based on previous experience. It may involve processing different types of information.

Learning functions can be performed by different brain learning processes, which depend on the mental capacities (of which are dynamic) of learning subject/agent, the type of knowledge which has to

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Defining Suicide

Suicide is a serious health problem. The World Health Organisation estimates that one suicide attempt occurs every three seconds and one completed suicide occurs approximately every minute (WHO, 2000). Each day, approximately 210 Australians attempt to end their life and each year over 2500 will commit suicide.  Suicide in Australia kills ... Read More

By Stacy Notaras Murphy Source: Counseling Today Online Much attention is justifiably focused on providing treatment to those diagnosed with a mental illness, but clients' families are often left to cope on their own as best they can. It was 25 years ago when Bette Stewart's husband was diagnosed with a ... Read More

When a person has experienced anxiety in a certain place or situation previously, they are more likely to anticipate the anxiety recurring under similar circumstances. This can lead to avoidance, which further reinforces the anxiety and its association with the particular place or situation where the anxiety initially occurred. The decrease ... Read More

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