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Cognitive restructuring, straight thinking or logical reanalysis is based on the belief that the way we feel, behave and respond to situations is based on the way we think. This approach attempts to modify unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs. Cognitive restructuring, also known as cognitive reframing, is a technique drawn ... Read More

Beck Depression Inventory

The Beck Depression Inventory is copyrighted by the Psychological Corporation. Material here presented is only for educational purpose because the BDI should be used only by registered professionals. The original version of the BDI was introduced by Beck, Ward, Mendelson, Mock and Erbaugh in 1961 (cited in Victims’ Web, 2007). ... Read More

Despite how addictions may manifest, they have three characteristics commonly referred to as the three C’s of compulsive use, loss of control and continued use.  In this article, we explore compulsive use.   Compulsive use has three elements: reinforcement, craving and habit. Reinforcement refers to a process in which the behaviour to ... Read More

The following tips can be used with clients who are highly stressed or experiencing anger management issues. If you're under unusual stress, you can also take benefit from strategies such as relaxation and mindful thinking.  Everyday Demands Everyday stressors, such as work, children and tight schedules can heighten anxiety and contribute to ... Read More

A narrative approach to counselling examines the stories people have constructed to define their lives and identities. Using narrative techniques, the counsellor assists the client in modifying narratives (stories) that are unhelpful or ineffective. If, for example, I have a dominant narrative that says that I am simply no good at ... Read More

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