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In this post we summarise the following eight fundamental skills that alone or together can help a client to access their deepest thoughts or clarify their future dreams: Attending Behaviour Questioning Responding Noting and Reflecting Client Observation Confrontation Focusing Influencing Attending Behaviour Attending behaviours encourage clients to talk and show that the counsellor is interested in what's being said.

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Counselors who specialize in issues of motherhood, psycho-oncology, offender rehabilitation and fertility share insights for helping female clients By Lynne Shallcross The issues female clients bring to the counseling session are as unique as the individuals who come to counseling in pursuit of personal growth, wellness or answers to life’s problems. But ... Read More

David Richards explores the challenges of working therapeutically with older LGBT men and women, for gay, lesbian and heterosexual practitioners By David Richards Two of the biggest cultural challenges in Western society remain age and sexuality. Despite significant developments in recent times, including important protective legislation for both groups, older people and ... Read More

Defining Intimacy

“Intimacy demands the highest risk but yields the richest reward. Intimacy is the driving force which makes the painful grit of life worthwhile. Intimacy is the life-giving beam of light, whereby we discover each other from the inside out, never quite fully, never entirely, but enough to find an exquisite
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By Mrs Toula Gordillo What makes one person ‘bounce back’ following adversity and another person seem to ‘crumble in a heap’? This question has always posed a fascination for me. I have often wondered whether individuals are simply born with the skills to cope with the difficulties that life often presents ... Read More

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