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By Professor David Fryer Have you, one of your family or one of your close friends ever been unemployed? Have you recently counselled an unemployed person? If so, what do you know about was it like? On the other hand, have you recently read about ‘the unemployed’ in a newspaper or ... Read More

During the week of pre-wedding festivities and at the wedding itself, Clifford – the groom – was the life and soul of the party. He had agreed that the wedding could be held in the native country of his fiancé, Carlotta. His few family members and friends flew in for ... Read More

Whether clients are knowingly approaching the end of life or simply contemplating their mortality, counselors can provide support, both emotional and practical. By Lynne Shallcross The adage is famously familiar: Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.   Few counselors moonlight as accountants, and surprisingly few counselors address the subject of dying ... Read More

Treatments for depression or anxiety, also called “interventions”, fall into one of three categories, and often several are recommended to be taken up at once. These main groupings are: Medical interventions; Psychological interventions; and Lifestyle interventions. In this post we overview a range of lifestyle interventions therapists can suggest when ... Read More

In this post we summarise the following eight fundamental skills that alone or together can help a client to access their deepest thoughts or clarify their future dreams: Attending Behaviour Questioning Responding Noting and Reflecting Client Observation Confrontation Focusing Influencing Attending Behaviour Attending behaviours encourage clients to talk and show that the counsellor is interested in what's being said.

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