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An Insight into the Solution

Category: Family Therapy Author: Karen Booth This case history details a significant time in the life of the Smith-Curtis* family. This family did not come to counselling voluntarily, but were referred by the Department of Families after substantiated allegations of abuse and neglect of their two children. The counselling agency, (a non-government service ... Read More

Behaviour Modification with Children

Category: Family Therapy Steve and Jan have come to counselling regarding their 5 year old daughter, Kim who screams when she doesn't get her own way. She is starting school next year and her parents are concerned with how she is going to fit in and what will happen if she ... Read More

Category: Family Therapy Author: Grahame Smith Family Background Beatrice is a 40-year-old married mother of four children; she married young and over time she and her husband separated on three occasions. Her husband previously subjected her to both psychological and physical abuse. As a child she lost her mother to suicide leaving her ... Read More

A Case of Career Development

Category: Career Issues Author: Kathleen Casagrande Jessica is a 32 year old professional executive who has recently been given the opportunity of completing her Masters in Professional Development with an organisation who value her expertise in her chosen career and have great confidence in her achievement of goals in their particular field. She ... Read More

A Case Outlining How to Focus on Solutions

Category: Counselling Micro Skills Author: Jane Barry Michelle has come to counselling due to increasing feelings of hopelessness about the direction of her life. She is complaining that she is too "bogged down" in her problems to see where she should be going. This is Michelle's second session with the Counsellor. She ... Read More

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