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A Case of Stress

Category: Stress Issues Author: Peta Hartmann Chris came to counselling because he was experiencing increasing feelings of being stressed, overwhelmed and weighed down by his commitments in life. He has been particularly concerned about his negative thoughts and attitude at work and at home and would like to change this. Chris has been ... Read More

A Case of Mid-Life Difficulties

Category: Stress Issues Author: Deirdre Stevenson Fritz is 42 years of age and has been in Australia for the past 25 years. He migrated from Germany with his immediate family, comprising of his mother, father and two sisters. At the age of 17 Fritz was filled with great dreams and aspirations for ... Read More

A Case of Low Self Esteem

Category: Stress Issues Author: Deirdre Stevenson Kate is 21 years of age and has a very poor self image; in fact she hates the way she looks. As a result, Kate has such low self esteem that it prevents her from looking for work. Kate's mother is concerned about her daughter's feelings ... Read More

A Case of Stressful Life Change

Category: Stress Issues Author: Jane Barry A précis of the sessions is as follows. For ease of writing the Professional Counsellor is abbreviated to "C". In the first session, "C" asked some open questions to prompt Mary to start discussing her dilemmas. Mary was able to convey the events leading up to her ... Read More

Category: Relationship Counselling Author: Jan McIntyre Mark is 28 and has been married to Sarah for six years. He works for his uncle and they regularly stay back after work to chat. Sarah has threatened to leave him if he does not spend more time with her, but when they are together, ... Read More

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