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Successful treatment of schizophrenia depends on a regimen of both drug and psychosocial support therapies. While antipsychotic medication can help control the symptoms of psychosis associated with schizophrenia, it cannot help the person find and maintain a job, establish effective social relationships, increase their coping skills, or teach them to ... Read More

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Figure: Map of Suicide Rates (source: World Health Organization - The following Global and Australian statistics on Mental Health outline the importance of counselling and appropriate mental health care/support in our communities: (Yes, these statistics are frightening - but together we can change them!) Every year, almost one million people ... Read More

The South Australia (Adelaide) AIPC Graduation night was recently held, and it was a great event. Congratulations to the following graduates: Amanda PORTER; Mingyon BIRD; Minnetta HILLAM-LAUBSCH; Angela FITZPATRICK; Marie COLEMAN; Melanie KEELAN; Yasmin POTTS; Julianne LOCKER; Anne SMITH; Sarah HORGAN; Megan MAITLAND; Vicki HILLAM; Tracy PFITZNER; Jacquie CLIFF; Natasha EGYUD; Daryl ... Read More

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In the last 12 months alone Counsellor employment has grown by an immense 30.36% (based on Federal Government Job Statistics). The Counselling profession outgrew all other Occupations by more than 200%.
It’s important that the course you invest in leads to employment opportunities. We’ve educated over 55,000 counsellors in the last 20 ... Read More

Below is a list of  upcoming professional development courses/events for counsellors and other helping professionals. These events will be held at various locations in Australia.

Hundreds of counsellors, psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses and allied mental health professionals already access over 100 hours of Premium PD online, 24/7, for less than $1
... Read More

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