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Dilemma Involving Self-Harm

Chantelle is 14 and in foster care. Chantelle was removed from her parents’ care at the age of seven and has since had several foster placements. Her last care arrangement ended, one month ago, when her foster family relocated interstate. Child protection workers have found a new foster placement for ... Read More

Job Opportunity for Counsellors

The Norfolk Island Hospital Enterprise - Generalist Counsellor The Norfolk Island Hospital Enterprise is seeking an experienced, qualified Generalist Counsellor for the community of Norfolk Island. This position is responsible for providing counselling, education, and support services to the 1700 residents of the Island and some 35,000 visitors. Areas of expertise ... Read More

A month ago I stepped on a sharp pointed tooth pick which went between my toes and awkwardly sat in my foot until I yelled at my partner in a slightly hysterical voice, that he should do something about it. The hero that he is, he quickly came to my ... Read More

Working outside the box

When it comes to infusing creativity into counseling sessions, an open mind and a willingness to try are more important than artistic expertise. By Lynne Shallcross Picture this: Somewhere, a counselor sits with a client who is struggling to make progress. Traditional talk therapy isn't moving the client forward. The counselor thinks, ... Read More

Individuals and businesses affected by the floods can access a range of government assistance programs. We have posted a list of these below - simply click the link to download: Click here to download Please distribute this to everyone you know so information on the assistance programs gets to those ... Read More

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