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Another inspiring story from an AIPC Graduate... My name is Jodi-Anne. I am a 2009 graduate of the AIPC Diploma of Professional Counselling. It took me a lot longer to complete the Diploma than normal as I stopped and started my study several times. I followed my intuition and read in ... Read More

With mental health issues seemingly on the rise on college campuses, counselors focus on outreach and helping students to build life skills By Lynne Shallcross Picture this: You're a college student cramming for finals in a campus lab late one Sunday night when you see a lanky, 6-foot-2-inch, long-haired man striding toward ... Read More

Fighting Shopping Binges

Worried partner writes... “My partner and I are both hard workers and have decided to save our money to buy a house before having children. However every time I check our savings there are more withdrawals and our nest egg is slowly vanishing. My partner readily concedes that they are ... Read More

Graduate Story – Angela Malone

Here's a very inspiring story from an AIPC Graduate... One of my childhood dreams was to become a counsellor. I was young when I started a family and did not work until my children were of school age. I found myself always helping people. I felt that I was obtaining copious ... Read More

Introduction to AIPC

Sandra Poletto (CEO) provides some background on why the Institute is the leading provider of Counsellor education...

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