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Mental Health Social Support (MHSS) is the empathy and care provided by an individual or network to a person with developing mental health concerns.

MHSS involves crucial skills that everyone needs. The more people with MHSS skills, the more eyes and ears we have out in our communities able to identify the early stages of mental illness and appropriately intervene.

Often the resulting consequences of mental illness – suicide, depression, substance abuse, etc – may have been better mitigated had they been identified earlier and appropriate measures taken.

Our population is at more risk of mental illness than physical injury. Your chances of coming across someone day to day that could be in the early stages of mental illness are very high; yet the chances of you needing to apply physical first aid are minimal. This highlights just how important MHSS skills are.

MHSS can also assist alleviate our overburdened mental health system, which is underfunded, deals with issues that are arguably unnecessarily advanced, and suffers from long waiting lists. If a larger proportion of our population gain MHSS skills, they can act as an ‘early warning’ system, intervening and referring as appropriate.

We believe it’s better to fence the top of the cliff than put an ambulance at the bottom.

And that’s we’re on a mission to get as many people as possible certified in mental health social support skills. Starting next week as a Christmas promotion we’re giving you a great incentive to get certified.

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PS We’re on a mission to plug the ‘early intervention’ hole in our mental health system. Please be ready next Thursday 15 and Friday 16 to register and receive your 50% Xmas discount.

PPS You can learn about Mental Health Social Support in this article:

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