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Employers love our graduates

In the last 12 months alone Counsellor employment has grown by an immense 30.36% (based on Federal Government Job Statistics). The Counselling profession outgrew all other Occupations by more than 200%.

It’s important that the course you invest in leads to employment opportunities.

We’ve educated over 55,000 counsellors in the last 20 years. In that time we’ve developed and refined our program, aligning it to the needs of the industry. No other counselling educator in the country has the broad industry recognition and acceptance that AIPC graduates enjoy.

In these videos we chat to a few employers and discuss why they love AIPC graduates.

Interview with Scott Patrick, Manager of the Playford Salvation Army Community Support Program

Interview with Kayla van Bruinessen, Owner of the Adelaide Counselling Practice

Interview with Richard Lines, Manager from Lifeline Broken Hill

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  1. David says:

    I am studying with AIPC and I find it is a great institute. Their coursework is well outlined and easy to follow. Thumbs up!

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