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Recommended Texts, Part 2

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Below is a list of recommended textbooks in counselling and psychology. For your convenience we have included links to purchase these books via If you are an AIPC student, contact your local Student Support Centre to find out how you can purchase these textbooks at discounted rates.

Basic Personal Counseling: A Training Manual for Counselors

Authors: Geldard, D. & Geldard, K.

A training manual for counsellors which is a comprehensive, easy-to-read introduction to personal counselling, written for professional and volunteer counsellors and those who train them.

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Theories and Strategies in Counseling and Psychotherapy (5th Edition)

Authors: James, R. & Gilliland, M.

This is text that operates in “real time”. It puts the student directly into psychotherapy as it is being practised today through the latest theoretical research and delivery systems.

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Stress: Myth, Theory and Research

Authors: Jones, F. & Bright, M.

This book attempts a clear overview of our current understanding of stress. It highlights some of the popular misconceptions about stress, providing a valuable resource in terms of suggestions for further reading and the guidance it provides through a developing and complex field.

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Supervision in the Helping Professions: A Practical Approach

Authors: McMahon, M. & Patton, W.

This book is a useful and practical guide for those who participate in supervision, yet have received no formal training. It provides those who are being supervised with some idea of what to expect. It is an outstanding and valuable resource for practitioners, academics and students alike.

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Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods (9th edition)

Author: Nichols, M.

Real-life case material and a comprehensive look at all major schools and developments in family therapy make this the text of choice for family therapy courses across the country.

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Small Groups in Counselling and Therapy, Process and Leadership (4th edition)

Author: Posthuma, B.

Filled with exciting, current research and practical ways that you can apply psychology to your everyday life. With the “featured studies” found throughout this book, you’ll get a birds-eye view of real psychology research in action.

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