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Source: 2nd of February 2007. Bundaberg, Queensland

In this workshop Brian will present the in-common aspects of neurological functions, physiological presentations and respitory processes in relation to these disorders as well as the involvement of primary cognitive processes. Such features are indicators for interventions (recovery) strategies. Brian is

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B.I.G. Business Guidelines

If you are interested in setting up your own counselling practice, the Institute InBrief is a hot source for content. In a previous edition, we released our marketing guidelines for counsellors – a bundle of tips which aimed to boost your client’s list and create unprecedented business exposure for your ... Read More

A Case Outlining How to Focus on Solutions

Category: Counselling Micro Skills Author: Jane Barry Michelle has come to counselling due to increasing feelings of hopelessness about the direction of her life. She is complaining that she is too "bogged down" in her problems to see where she should be going. This is Michelle's second session with the Counsellor. She ... Read More

Do you know what happens to your body in a stressful situation? Although the incidence of stress in people’s lives is vastly dictated by automated body responses, there is no doubt that part of it is a result of our interpretation and other ‘conscious’ mechanisms. Thus, there is a factor ... Read More

Practice makes perfection

There's no better way to learn or fine tune your skills than watching a professional perform the skills in front of your eyes. Now you can see first hand how counselling professionals apply 5 leading counselling therapies in a live environment! Presented in an authentic and flowing style, each Counselling Therapy ... Read More

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